World of Warcraft - Trial of the Crusader Quick Tactics

Published: 07th January 2010
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Raid Leader: ToC 10 man quick tactics strategy sheet

Here is a ToC Quick Tactics guide for Raid Leaders. This is aimed at the 10 man primarily but can easily be followed to clear 25 man as well.

Beasts of Northrend - Raid Leader Assignments
Phase 1
Main Tank: Gormok
Off Tank: Gormok
Ranged DPS: Adds when up, Gormok
Melee DPS: Gormok
Healers: Small amount of raid splash damage as long as idiots don't stand in fires so focus on tanks and mana conservation.

Raid Leader Remember: Kill the adds when they are up, get the ranged on them and the melee stays on the boss. Tanks switch on 3 stacks of impale.

Phase 2
Main Tank: Acidmaw
Off Tank: Dreadscale
Ranged DPS: Acidmaw till dead then -> Dreadscale
Melee DPS: Acidmaw till dead then -> Dreadscale
Healers: Watch raid in case someone with Burning Bile doesn't move fast enough and try to spread out a bit

Raid Leader Remember: Make sure Paralytic Poison is being cleansed by someone with the Burning Bile debuff and that the person with Burning Bile does NOT stand slap bang in the middle of the raid. When these two worms go walkabout ask your people to stop DPS until the tanks have firm control again. I recommend having a zone where a person with the Burning Bile debuff should be stood so people know which direction to run when they get the poison. Keep them faced away from the raid but tanked relatively close together in case a tank gets the poison debuff.

Phase 3
Main Tank: Icehowl
Off Tank: DPS and Emergency Backup
Ranged DPS: Nuke when boss is stunned
Melee DPS: Nuke when boss is stunned
Healers: If your bored DPS, as long as the tank is covered with a smattering of raid healing this boss is cake.

Raid Leader Remember: Move out the way when he charges or your toast and you miss a decent opportunity to stun the boss and increase your raid damage.

Lord Jaraxxus - Raid Leader Assignments
Main Tank: Lord Jaraxxus
Off Tank: Adds
Ranged DPS: Adds -> Lord Jaraxxus
Melee DPS: Adds -> Lord Jaraxxus, 1 interrupt on Jaraxxus all the time interrupting fireball.
Healers: One on MT, one on raid, one on the person getting Legion Flame/Incinerate Flesh who then moves onto raid healing when not dealing with those specific abilities.

Raid Leader Remember: All adds need to go down fast, if a player gets Legion Flames they need to keep moving till it wears off but watch the flame trail it leaves behind. Lord Jaraxxus casts fireball which MUST be interrupted at all costs otherwise it can and will one shot its target. Spread your team around him don't be afraid to use some space and keep them moving and alert. Don't stand next the infernals.

Faction Champions - Raid Leader Assignments
Main Tank: Keep one of the melee busy or assigned as interrupts on one of the healers. In DPS Gear.
Off Tank: Keep one of the melee busy or assigned as interrupts on one of the healers. In DPS Gear.
Ranged DPS: Nuke Healers first while throwing out CC at designated targets.
Melee DPS: Nuke Healers first.
Healers: Heal like mad and don't get taken out

Raid Leader Remember: If Resto Druid is one of your targets nuke him first, if you have the Shammy up always take him after the first healer is down, he buffs the opposing group too much with his totems. Have plenty of CC assigned, don't forget to start with a sap up and don't forget diminishing returns. Interrupts on their healers are an absolute must, you really have to nuke the first healer down and be keeping the other busy. Allocate CC in pairs, get the first one to cc until diminishing returns then the second, by the time they hit diminishing returns the first is back up again.

Twin Valkys - Raid Leader Assignments
Main Tank: Lightbane
Off Tank: Darkbane
Ranged DPS: Kill opposite color twin of whatever buff they have
Melee DPS: Kill opposite color twin of whatever buff they have
Healers: One per tank and one on raid heal

Raid Leader Remember: Tank both twins next to one portal, get all DPS to take one color buff at the start, when vortex comes up make sure all raiders change buff colors quickly to match the vortex, when twins cast their shield all dps nukes that shield and then someone applies and interrupt, don't waste time changing buff colors for the shield nukes. Avoid the opposite color orbs while picking up the right color if you can.

Anubarak - Raid Leader Assignments
Main Tank: Anubarak
Off Tank: Adds
Ranged DPS: One assigned to ice clouds making sure that we have enough patch's of ice but on boss when fine the rest on Anubarak unless little adds need AoE.
Melee DPS: Adds, big ones, little ones, medium sized ones, whatever, these DPS go on adds and then boss when they have spare time.
Healers: Only two needed, one on tanks and one on raid, in P3 make sure you don't heal everyone up to full all the time as Anub will regain some health from this

Raid Leader Remember: During his burrowing phase make sure players are standing on patches of ice, nuke down little adds with AoE and make sure the big adds are tanked and killed. Nuke nuke nuke!

That's it for the ToC 10 man quick tactics guide, I hope it keeps things nice and simple for folks.

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